This Incredible Tool Breaks Down What Tracks DJs Are Downloading The Most By Genre

Knowing what to play in your sets can be one the most stressful things for performance and/or club DJs. You have to constantly have your ear to the ground and know what people are looking to hear. Having the right track cued up for the perfection show stopping transition can make a world difference for your DJ career. So what is the best way to know what songs to have in your sets? Well thanks to /r/EDM we found a tool that is unlike any other.

Remix Rotation is a website which tracks the most popular downloads and streams across several different platforms. The site even breaks songs down by genre and allows you to listen to them directly on their site Youtube or Spotify. It is truly the gift than many DJs have been praying for every night. If you are struggling with tracking, than Remix Rotation is the site for you – check it out the link below.

Remix Rotation – The Ultimate Track Sourcing Tool

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