This Is What Deadmau5's Helmet Looks Like From Inside

Throughout the years, we've all seen Deadmau5's helmet and have all come to love the giant mouse head. You may be asking yourself though, “what's inside the Deadmau5 helmet though?” As NVDIA and Deadmau5 have done many iterations his helmet throughout the years, some fans happened to get their hands on the inside look the helmet last year.

With so many LEDs on Deadmau5's helmet, Deadmau5 knew that visibility would be an issue. At the front bottom the LED mau5head, there's a small camera. The goggles inside the mask bring Deadmau5 up close to a small screen which shows exactly what the camera sees. So instead looking through some eyeholes, Deadmau5 is essentially using an Oculus Rift type device during his sets. One user pointed out that even though Deadmau5's mask is synced up with the visual effects for ‘The Cube' stage, Deadmau5 also has another LED mau5head which still uses LEDs, but doesn't sync to the live performance.

Take A Look Inside Deadmau5's Helmet

Deadmau5 Helmet Demonstration

To see what all Deadmau5's helmet can do, watch the video below.

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