This New Artist Is Like Virtual Self Meets REZZ & Their New Single Is ?

What are the markers a great act? Is it the quality the music? Is it the branding? How about how deeply it affects you? All these are great answers, but the reality is that it’s so much more intangible than you might think. For an artist just starting out to really gain momentum, so many things have to go right… thankfully, for 1788-L, things are looking up.

After just three releases – and all within the span one month – 1788-L is already someone we’re keeping our eyes on. It all began with their Virtual Self remix that immediately went viral, simply because it was just that crazy. And after we took notice that, we found they’d already released a song before, “Replica,” and we were hooked.

Today, they’ve just released their third track, “Pulsar / Beam,” and we’re even more impressed. This new original has all the markings a producer competent in sound design and possessing a unique sound (even if comparisons could be made to Virtual Self or Rezz, it has a clearly distinct identity).

So what does the future hold for 1788-L? It’s hard to say… but what we do know is that we’ll be along for the ride. Check out all their released tracks below and throw them a follow if you’re digging the sounds.

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