This Revered Label is Abandoning a Popular Genre, Here's Why

If you have ever been put into a position having to choose between your guaranteed financial success or your overall happiness, you will want to keep reading. Barcelona born producer, Coyu, has recently lived through this unfortunate turning point that many encounter in their lives. He has expressed his truest thoughts and concerns through his social media platforms regarding his label abandoning tech house as well as some the difficult and self-reflecting moments that he has experienced for the past year or so. His sincere honesty is undeniably refreshing and the electronic dance music community are responding with mixed reviews.

Time and time again it seems as though the world’s largest and most-recognized labels fer more than what meets the eye. Unfortunately, this fact is not always identified as positive. , Coyu’s very own label, seemed to be contributing to the EDM world in a wonderful way, fering a successful platform for small artists to release their tech house records. As always, there are two sides the story. The Spanish DJ expressed that the label was “not contributing as much as it should have” in a musical perspective, although the prit was beneficial.

The talented artist continued by stating that he was not being fulfilled while releasing “many different genres but the tech house records were, by far, the top sellers.” That said, tech house will no longer be the focal point their brand as he wants to shed the spotlight specifically on techno. As their label turns 10 years old in 2018, fans can expect some monumental changes.

For a more in-depth perspective on the journey behind the “new” take on the label, feel free to read Coyu’s post below. His honesty is very admirable and we look forward to seeing what the future the label will sound like.


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