This USA Olympic Athlete Listens To Deadmau5 & Martin Garrix Before His Event

Team USA is bringing it to the 2018 Winter Olympics — and one competitive skater in particular has EDM to thank for it!

Adam Rippon knows exactly how to get pumped up before hitting the ice. In an interview with Billboard, he reveals his secrets to success — Martin Garrix and deadmau5.

“I usually try to put on Martin Garrix or deadmau5 radio before I go out there… something upbeat that gets the blood flowing and is also sort relaxing in a weird way. When you have that beat behind you and you’re trying to get into the zone… I love that kind music.”

We feel you, Rippon!

From Scranton, Pennsylvania to Los Angeles, California to Pyeongchang, South Korea, this Olympian has an amazing story and music is a huge part his athletic journey (read more ).



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