ThumpTown Festival Slated for Explosive B.C. Debut In August 2022

Crafted and curated by the experienced team who organized Squambhala II in the summer of 2021, ThumpTown is debuting August 26-28 to offer a mesmerizing experience filled with heavy bass music and jaw-dropping stage designs.

The production team, filled with various leaders in the B.C. film industry, brought their passion for storytelling to a narrative-driven aftermovie documenting the event.

ThumpTown is a boutique festival concept that made its first debut back in 2020, courtesy of Vancouver’s Never Better Entertainment. Curating a compelling lineup, ThumpTown’s first edition in Squamish Valley was a monumental success and saw the exciting festival expand to a new location on the outskirts of Hope, British Columbia in 2021.

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This year’s edition continues to have its foundations set on community and unique electronic music. It will be hosted in Boston Bar, British Columbia by ALTITUDE, who are slated to bring their very own artists SkiiTour, NXSTY, SIVZ and Kermode to the stage. ThumpTown will include performances from over 120 acts, among them headliners Mythm, Chuurch and Average Citizens.

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ThumpTown Festival Slated for Explosive B.C. Debut In August 2022

The boutique music festival aims to reimagine independent B.C. music gatherings in an unmatched way.

What separates ThumpTown from other festivals of the same caliber is its unique narrative experience, centered around the mythology of the futuristic city of ThumpTown.

As the story goes, ThumpTown was abruptly abandoned by a bloated and self-serving corporation and has now been taken over by a rebellious community of renegades.

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The 2022 edition of ThumpTown slated to be the festival's biggest to date, with stage design by Scott Phelan, High Society's high-calibre PK Sound System, visuals courtesy of Kinotropy, and a wide range of vendors, food and art.

Tickets to ThumpTown are available now and can be purchased here.



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