Tiesto Continues His Already Iconic Year With Gorgeous AFTR:HRS Remix Of Ed Sheeran

In my humble opinion, Tiesto is having one his best years in recent memory. While the trance legend has spent the bulk his time since his iconic LP Kaliedoscope working outside trance, it seems that in 2018 he has REALLY found his flow. His last release, ‘Jackie Chan' was entirely surprising. He was able to combine several different artists from various genres under the umbrella a track that just really worked. Now, this week Tiesto has released an AFTR:HRS remix Ed Sheeran's massive hit, ‘Happier'.

For those not in the know Tiesto's AFTR:HRS label is a deep house imprint, so when he releases under it, we can expect some more pensive, relaxed cuts. So how does his deeper edit Sheeran work?

Ed Sheeran – ‘Happier' (Tiesto AFTR:HRS Remix)

A lot artists have tried their hand at reworking Ed Sheeran. He is easily one the most popular musicians our generation after all. Some have found success with their endeavors like Kygo, others fell short in a big way. Tiesto seems to have cracked code how an artist should tackle a Sheeran track.

His edit is minimalistic in nature, but the driving house beat and small tension builds throughout add an element euphoria to a song which originally focuses on some sad subject matter. Overall Tiesto did something really fun to this hit and helped make it club ready. Check it out below.

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