Tiesto Drops Hard Hitting 3-Track Big Room EP For The Animated Children's – Movie Hotel Transylvania 3

In this week's edition “Headlines I Never Thought I'd Write” I bring you a 3 track EP from Tiesto for the Sony Animation children's movie Hotel Transylvania 3. Now I am going to be transparent here for a second – I have not yet seen Hotel Transylvania 1 nor 2, so I cannot get y'all up to speed on the plot points. That being said, based on the cover art for Hotel Transylvania 3, it appears some monsters are making their way to the beach for a delightful romp were lessons will inevitably be learned.

Tiesto – ‘Hotel Transylvania 3'

Even if this is not how I anticipated us getting a new EP from Tiesto – I will absolutely take it. All three tracks are big room in nature. The first two tracks ‘Seavolution' and ‘Wave Racer' seem to go together as a Part 1 and 2 sorts, and the closing track on the EP ‘Tear It Down' is entirely its own entity.

These tracks are fun and about what you might expect in terms big room bangers from the legendary producer. Still interesting to think that any these would fit right in on the main stage any festival but were crafted to be featured in a children's movie. Hey, the reach EDM is ever expanding I guess. Check the tunes out below!

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