Tiesto In New Interview: "It’s time to go back to basics”

Tiesto is kind a big deal if you didn't already know. The man can be attributed to much the dance music explosion the last decade. Tiesto was a core member the legion trance in 1990's alongside Paul Van Dyk, Ferry Corsten and Armin Van Buuren to name a few. As the times changed, Tiesto let his sound evolved. He started to make more progressive and big room tracks and eventually even started to invite pop vibes into the mix. One thing is for sure – Tiesto knows how to stand the test time.

Back To The Basics

In a recent interview with inthemix Tiesto was asked about his thoughts on the evolution dance music and whether dance music has moved to far into the realm pop. His answer was surprising but filled with sage like wisdom.

“The Clublife series is definitely meant to be played in the clubs, I think some people in the dance music scene move too much into the pop world. I think it’s time to go back to the basics and just release great, banger tracks. Because that’s what it’s all about, when you play at a festival or you play in a club, that’s what people like to hear and that’s what I like to play just great dance music!”

So while yes, maybe some you were hoping for an answer that said – “I AM RETURNING TO TRANCE”. But that is not how reality works unfortunately. Tiesto does not stay centered in one genre – he truly just believes in the production good music.

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