Tiny Harris Weighs In On Chris Brown’s "Prince Of Pop" Status: "He’s Got It All"

Tiny Harris joined the Power 106 morning crew for an interview segment that aired two days ago. On the agenda were a host of issues, including I should say: the sweltering demand for Xscape to embark on the comeback trail. Although the seminal R&B group is still available for concert bookings, she hasn't put out a single since 2012, and their last group outing took place in 1998. How's that for borrowed time. In any event, Tiny had a straightforward explanation for the long wait.

Tiny Harris Weighs In On Chris Brown's "Prince Of Pop" Status: "He's Got It All"

Paras Griffin/Getty Images

"I've been getting a lot of people just asking me to do music," Tiny Harris admitted to her hosts. "Ever since I did the “What The F You Gon Do” song, which was in 2012, I’ve just been getting people requesting me to do more music and more music. And, I just wasn’t really ready. I’ve been recording though, here and there and I just always keep it to myself." 

As for her thoughts on Chris Brown debate over his likeness to 2Pac and Michael Jackson, Tiny had this to say. "He's talented, I can't say nothing bad about Chris Brown," she opined. "He's everything. He's a complete artist. He can sing, he can dance, he looks good... I mean he's got it all." Otherwise, the Power 106 morning crew stayed the course of her comeback narrative, as well as the opportunity she turned down to appear on the Real Housewives of Atlanta, and her husband's schooling of Kodak Black. It's all there (below) for the taking, enjoy.

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