Tom & Collins Debuts New EP A Different Kind of High

Tom & Collins
Seemingly taking no breaks, Mexican EDM duo Tom & Collins have returned after owning the summer with their hit “Give Me One Reason”, bringing fans a five-track EP titled A Different Kind of High.

The new EP, while maintaining some similarities to “Give Me One Reason” on some tracks, is largely different from the previous material from the pair of producers. Songs like “Hollow” provide a strong emotional performance with an instrumental that augments it, while groovy tracks like “Finally” provide fun, danceable beats for people to get down with. That’s not to say the more emotionally-driven tracks aren’t filled with groove, either. Every track on A Different Kind of High is built for the dancefloor, with infectious bass and beats that can make any club go off.

With this new EP, Tom & Collins have demonstrated their diversity, as well as shown their ability to churn out hit after hit without seemingly much effort. This gives fans a lot to be excited about, as we’re sure Tom & Collins is bound to be releasing even more new material in the new year.


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