Tommy Trash unveils uplifting new track ‘Jaguwawa’: Listen

Whenever Australia’s very own Tommy Trash returns to the release radar, it’s always an exciting moment. A legend within the scene, he has been back lately to drip-feed fans some excellent new singles and now for his first release of the new year, he gives us ‘Jaguwawa‘ via Sweat It Out.

Ever inventive with his tracks, Tommy Trash is a multi-genre mastermind, and ‘Jaguwawa’ proves this. Combining euphoric melodies and dream-like synths with a beautiful vocal, he takes us on a trippy journey filled to the brim with a bright and airy soundscape. About the track, he stated:

“As my shaman would say you need to ‘Touch the jaguar’ – and you best believe I did that! I wrote this song after a night-long ayahuasca trip, where I was having dinner with a few alien pals, before they invited me to go up into their spaceship. The next day I wrote down ‘Go up, go up in the light,’ which would later become the lyrics for ‘Jaguwawa’. I never intended to sing this song, but the further I went down the road – it felt authentic! I’m really proud of this tune and it sums up some of my recent journeys into the spirit world…”

With a highly unique backstory, this track is perfect to go into the summer season with and prepares us perfectly for it. Completely unique from anything he’s released before, there are many wonderful details that the producer has crafted for listeners to discover and be delighted by. Tropical and relaxing, ‘Jaguwawa’ makes for a perfect listening experience.

Out now via Sweat It Out, stream the track on Spotify below. He is currently embarking on a 19-stop tour of the same name, where fans have been delighted by this track early and are excited to see an official release. For more information on tour dates and tickets, click here.

Image Credit: Ash Lim

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