Tomorrowland Delivers Virtual Event of the Year, a Spectacular New Year’s Eve Festival Experience

The creative minds that developed a truly one-of-a-kind festival experience in Boom, Belgium, decided to undertake a bold new endeavour to start the new year off on the right foot. Throttled by 2020's unprecedented restrictions, the organizers of Tomorrowland exceeded expectations by providing a unique and mesmerizing way to celebrate the new year together.

Using its stunning digital entertainment venue, NAOZ, the festival was able to design and generate a virtual experience like none other. The platform allowed the Tomorrowland New Year's Eve event to be adapted to all 27 timezones worldwide, so anyone attending could achieve the same experience regardless of their geographic location.

The lineup for the highly anticipated event did not disappoint. Recruiting over 25 world-renowned EDM artists, Tomorrowland's momentous NYE celebration featured the likes of Major LazerDavid GuettaMartin GarrixArmin van BuurenTchamiDuck Sauce, Snoop Dogg's DJ SnoopadelicDiplo, Boys Noize, and CamelPhat, among others. This impressive lineup was assembled and dispersed across four immaculately designed stages: Melodia, Atmosphere, Planaxis and Pulse. You can take a closer look at each stage here.

It is astounding that each stage was fully computer generated and did not exist at the time of recording. The artists performed their sets in front of a green screen in advance, of course, so that their performances could be interpolated with the incredible visual elements that were present during the experience. The elements that were incorporated afterwards—including sounds of the audience cheering, singing and chanting along to the music—made the celebration feel as lifelike as possible.

Quite possibly the most anticipated performance of all was the set from Dutch superstar DJ and music producer Martin Garrix. The young gun showcased a plethora of new music that he and his STMPD RCRDS label had been teasing leading up to the event, as well as iconic anthems of yesteryear his fans know and love. 

The digital celebration encompassed nearly everything a dance music fan could hope for with an event of this magnitude, all while being safe and socially distanced. Those who purchased an On-Demand Pass are able to watch any individual DJ set up until January 14th, 2021.



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