Tomorrowland to release NFT to coincide with festival

Tomorrowland is fast approaching and with the entire dance music community anxiously awaiting it’s return after two years. The festival organizers are looking to go above and beyond to create an experience for fans around the world that will be second to none, and the introduction of the Tomorrowland NFT is one of the many new offerings.

For those out there who have yet to buy into the NFT space, or simply just don’t understand it, Tomorrowland has put together a comprehensive website dedicated to the project helping collectors new and old navigate the digital space. The newest release, titled The Reflection of Love, is the second piece in the collection, following up A Letter From The Universe, which coincided with the winter edition of the event. For those interested in adding the newest piece to their collection, whitelist minting will commence tomorrow, July 15th, while sales will be open to the public the next day. Besides the very cool artwork and detail given to each piece, holding a token does come with some unique perks as well.

Some of the main perks include access to secret shows at Tomorrowland, an exclusive Discord channel titled The Library, as well as other exclusive giveaways that will only be accessible to holders.  As the world continues to debate the purpose of NFT’s, Tomorrowland organizers seem to fully understand that users want more than just a digital picture to claim in their digital wallets. The previous winter edition offered multiple giveaways as well as access to exclusive events and even early access to festival tickets for the upcoming event.  Beyond this weekend, there will be one more future drop as well, that when combined with the first two, creates a medallion which will hold endless utility offering access to secret events and entry into giveaways or the ability to burn the item in exchange for one madness pass to Tomorrowland.

Image Credit: Tomorrowland

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