Tomorrowland’s rollercoaster wins Best New Rollercoaster in Europe

Tomorrowland has once again put forward its case as to why it’s the best music festival in the world, having opened its brand-new, award-winning rollercoaster The Ride of Happiness in July. Located at Plopsaland De Panne in Belgium, the 17.5-million-euro attraction has just been crowned as the Best New Rollercoaster in Europe. As you would expect, the ride’s décor appears as if it belongs on Tomorrowland’s glorious main stage (or any of the stages, let’s face it). The ‘extreme spinning coaster’ is the very first of its kind in Europe and only the second in the world, offering spectacular views of the amusement park and its surrounds, which have been likened to the holy grounds of the festival in Boom. Plopsa describes the rollercoaster on its website:

‘You will be catapulted no less than twice to a speed of 90km/h and will go upside down five times in the process. The cars can rotate freely, which will give you a different ride experience every time. The attraction has a total length of almost one kilometer and stands 35 meters above the ground at its highest point, where you will have an exceptional view of the park!’

‘In addition to the unique thematic content, they’ve also created an exclusive soundtrack based on the ‘Tomorrowland Hymn’ composed by Hans Zimmer, which will be heard during the ride, making the experience even more sensational for every visitor.’

Despite the uncertainty of the events industry, The Ride of Happiness is an impressive feat for Tomorrowland, who have been forced to cancel both of their 2020 and 2021 editions. However, preparations are well and truly underway for the future, with Tomorrowland Winter set to take place in March, as well as ambitious plans to extend the main festival across three weekends in 2022.

More information on The Ride of Happiness can be found here.

Image Credit: Tomorrowland (via Facebook)

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