Tomorrowland's Venue Is Undergoing A Huge Transformation

Each year several hundred thousand people converge upon the town Boom, Belgium for Tomorrowland and are greeted by the relatively mundane views De Shorre, the provincial park to which Tomorrowland calls home. All that changes this year!

Working in tandem with the provincial government, Tomorrowland organizers are aiming to make De Schorre more attractive not only for the hundreds thousands international dance music fans, but the regular visitors to the park, as well. Per Jan De Haes, deputy director for ‘Recreation and Green Domains,’ the goal is to plant “sixty indigenous high-trees and mature shrubs, 250 smaller shrubs, and 5,000 young trees.”

In another statement, Debby Wilmsen, Tomorrowland’s press agent, added to De Haes’s sentiments. “We are committed to building on the charisma, quality life and experiential value this park.”

The overhaul commenced on February 15th and will run till March 15th.



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