Toni Braxton Seemingly Admits To Breaking Off Engagement With Birdman

The final nail in the coffin may have been administered in a dizzying Toni Braxton-Birdman relationship several years in the making. As is the custom with the Braxton family, the sistren doesn't do anything in the public eye without consideration to their brand equity.

Just last week, two of the lesser known Braxton sisters came out of the woodwork trying to coerce their sister into tying the knot with her longtime partner Birdman. Towanda Braxton described the couples back-and-forth dynamic as that of a round-robin tennis match going into extra time, but not exactly in those words.

“I hope they do elope,” Towanda Braxton told Page Six, before surmising on a potential wedding date with sister Traci right by her side. Why they chose to voice their opinion is of little importance now that sister Toni has spoken on the matter herself. During a recent telecast of Braxton Family Values, Toni literally said, "We probably just should have eloped a long time ago, we would probably still be together," in reference to her relationship with the Cash Money CEO.

Toni Braxton Seemingly Admits To Breaking Off Engagement With Birdman

Amanda Edwards/Getty Images

"Toni has been so secretive about her relationship, and she is now letting the cat out of the bag? And it's not exactly good news!" Trina is then seen and heard addressing the audience directly, as the camera cuts to a monologue. "You know what? I'm not going to push the issue right now. I know what it feels like to just need time to yourself to process your personal issues."

In recent months, rumors of a split began to emerge - as recently as the beginning of April. Then and there, Toni Braxton rebuked the rumors of a split after issuing a series of cryptic "figures of speech" that strongly suggested they might be on the outs.

In truth, we might not be any closer to the truth regarding their current plight, in light of the fact Toni is something of mercurial character when it comes to her love life, much less her relationship with the Cash Money originator. For all we know, the Toni-Birdman tennis match is the crux of an otherwise uneventful Season 6 of Braxton Family Values. Just because you push R&B realness for a living, doesn't make you a truth sayer. Consider yourself warned.

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