Top 3 Rising Classical Composers

 1-Lera Auerbach

Valeria Lvovna Auerbakh , better known as Lera Auerbach, is a Russian composer born on October 21, 1973 in Chelyabinsk. In addition to being a well-known composer and concert pianist, she is a painter, sculptor, author, and author of several stories of poems and prose, but for Auerbach these extra musical activities are not dilettante exercises: all forms of art are interconnected and established to feed each other in perfect harmony.

2-Unsuk Chin

Unsuk Chin is a South Korean composer playing european classical music and based in Berlin. Listening to the music of Unsuk Chin feels like an adventure in Alice’s Wonderland. It starts  smoothly, with simple and attractive musical ideas, but these slowly weave into foreign and unsettling colors. Soon we are down the rabbit hole, and nothing is what it seems anymore. The music appears stable, until a subtle change in harmony transforms it in an entirely new light. Perspectives change, patterns and melodies become dissonant. Simplicity gets replaced by beguiling complexity. Then everything stops, and we are left contemplating the strange turn of events. Was it all a dream?

3-Nico Cartosio

Nico Cartosio is a promising  up-and-coming neo-romantic composer , an artist whose work has reached far beyond the realm of classical music. Much sought after by music industry professionals and artistic collaborators for his matchless versatility, Cartosio’s innovative soundwork, and expansive range of musical styles, has complemented every conceivable performance he has given.

With the release of “Cocaine March”, Nico Cartosio continues his  journey as a composer with a composition born as a revelation in the Negev Desert. While the powerful “Snow Above The Earth” was aimed at giving a voice to the children who die too young to one day express the music within them, “Cocaine March” sheds light on the dark invisible forces intruding and impacting current events. Cartosio delivers a striking creation to the world where audiences will re-discover tragedy, destruction and death, as well as bliss, eternal beauty and creation in its utmost purity.

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