Topic, Robin Schulz, Nico Santos & Paul van Dyk form super team for new track, ‘In Your Arms (For An Angel)’: Listen

It’s a combination that the world didn’t know we needed, but now that it is here we are more than happy to have. In “Avenger-like” fashion, Topic, Robin Schulz, Nico Santos & Paul van Dyk have joined forces to release their new single, “In Your Arms (For An Angel).”

For those who might feel like this track sounds familiar, you are absolutely right. The song is a remake based on the iconic 90s anthem from van Dyk, “For An Angel.” This is something we have seen from Topic before. As one of the hottest artists in dance music, he took the iconic ATB classic “9PM (Till I Come)” and turned it into a modern crossover hit. Van Dyk has earned over million views on Youtube and in Spotify streams from “For An Angel” alone. Now with the help of Schulz, Santos and Topic, the four have recreated that magic again.


“In Your Arms (For An Angel),” without a doubt proves that these artists are some of the best when it comes to evoking emotion in a track. With its melodic deep house vibe and Santos’ undeniable talent with his vocals, this song will surely be candy to the ears. Not to mention, it samples the piano melody from van Dyk’s original track and blends it beautifully with a modern-day sound.

Each artist found a way to incorporate a piece of their own style and mesh it together perfectly, something that is not always easy to do. While we are not sure if these four will ever cross paths again, they have delivered a hit that will stand the test of time.

Watch the full lyric video of “In Your Arms (For An Angel)” below.

Image credit: press

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