Tory Lanez Previews New Single "Broke Leg," Says He’s Dropping Tomorrow

Almost two weeks ago, we reported that Tory Lanez shared news of a "summer anthem" that would he would be dropping on the 31st of the month. "THIS ONE IS GOING PLATINUM IN THE FIRST 10 SECONDS," the "Real Addresses" rapper claimed in his caption, as well as the fact that the new track would include features from both Tyga and Quavo. It was safe to say that all would be looking forward to Lanez' drop.

Within the past five months, Tory's released a ton of music from his International Fargtape to collaborations, as well as his singles, "Freaky" and "What Happened To The Kids." And despite claims that he would be "flooding 2019" with new music, he explained that the reason why he hasn't released as much music was due to a request from his label "to wait to drop music until #BrokeLeg dropped on the 31st."

Well, it seems that he's we're going to start getting that promised surge of new music, since Lanez took to Instagram last night to drop a preview for "Broke Leg," with a caption that kept to the promise that the single would be released tomorrow. The (very short) clip previews a shot of Lanez looking shaken with tears streaming down his face, a switch to a close-up shot of a twerking booty, and another switch to Lanez free-falling through what seems to be oblivion.

Though it only offers about a 5 second sneak peak into what the track sounds like, it's already looking like it's going to be a banger. Are you excited for the drop?

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