Tory Lanez Says He’d Trade Ayesha Curry For Twerking Social Media Star

If you aren't familiar with Nastya Nass, she's the model, fitness coach, and "twerk teacher" who has been taking Instagram by storm. She shares videos of her dance moves with her 3.2 million followers, clips that can rack up millions of views, each. She twerks to hits by some of today's hottest artists, and they, in turn, share the videos to their pages, increasing her visibility and popularity. 

Her latest rump-shaking video was performed to Tory Lanez latest single "Broke Leg" featuring Tyga and Quavo. The trio is prepping the track to be a summer anthem, and Nasty Nass has lent her skills to aid them in their quest. Lanez shared a video of the dancer shaking it to "Broke Leg," and a commenter wrote, "We the white community would like to trade her to the African Americans for Ayesha Curry."

Some attempted to set the commenter straight, telling him that Nass isn't white while giving compliments to Curry, but that didn't bother Tory at all. "This can be arranged lmao," Tory wrote with few laughing emojis. Not everyone took to kindly Tory's agreement, especially women, but the artist seemed to just be having a little bit of light-hearted fun. Hopefully.

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