Tory Lanez Teases New Music With Message Of Positivity

Given the looming dark of negativity that can sometimes shroud the rap game, it's refreshing to see an active approach to positivity beginning to tip the scales. Despite the fact that some fans have no interest in hearing from happy rappers, it's never a bad thing to instill a little optimism into one's music. Clearly, Tory Lanez concurs, as his upcoming single appears to be coming equipped with a positive message for the masses.

Tory Lanez Teases New Music With Message Of Positivity

Cindy Ord/Getty Images

In the announcement post, Tory teases his new movement, imploring his fans to put his advice into practice: "Make A Choice. A positive decision, makes a positive difference." "Got something special for my fans," teases Tory, in the accompanying caption. "No matter what u do, all I ask is that u listen to my MSG, and really understand it too."

He proceeds to announce a 3PM EST release this afternoon, though he neglects to provide further details surrounding the song's title or general purpose. Given Tory's nonstop work ethic, it could derive from no shortage of upcoming projects. El Agua perhaps, or possibly a Chixtape single? Who knows. Regardless, Tory has been putting in work, and is unlikely to disappoint with his next big solo drop of 2019. 

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