Tory Lanez Teases Ozuna Assisted Banger Off Upcoming "Spanish Album"

After dropping f his excellent Memories Don't Die, Tory Lanez decided that it was time to shift gears. To the surprise damn near everyone, Fargo announced that his follow-up project would be a "Spanish" album, and that he would be dedicating the bulk his time in ensuring top quality. While the decision to pursue Latin music may seem like a strange direction for Tory, there's no denying that he's talented enough to pull it f. It's simply a question target demographic. Either way, expect this one to clean up during the summer, when it's slated to drop.

In the mean time, Tory has been kind enough to preview one the upcoming singles, featuring none other than Ozuna. During the clip, Tory can be heard singing in an upper register, flowing smoothly over a club-friendly beat. While it might be a far cry from the bars  Memories Don't Die, it's still interesting to see Lanez flex his stylistic diversity, even if it might alienate some his die-hard fans. Still, reggaeton, Carribbean, and Latin music has proven to be a commercial force, and it wouldn't be surprising if Lanez was looking to procure a piece that "Despacito" bag.

Check out the snippet below; if the playlist is any indication, it's entirely possible that the album is titled El Agua. Stay tuned for more news on Tory's long awaited Spanish album.

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