Tory Lanez Teases Potential Album Cover For "Love Me Now?"

Tory Lanez may very well end 2018 with one of the year's most prolific campaigns. Leading things off with Memories Don't Die, Tory has since promised two new albums; one, an all-Latin offering, and the other, a more traditional followup by the name of Love Me Now? While we have yet to receive a concrete release date for either project, it seems as if the rollout is coming. Tory recently took to Instagram to share what may very well be the album cover of Love Me Now?

"Looks like the cover but I doubt it #LoveMeNow ? What y’all think?" writes Tory. To be fair, his coy caption does suggest a "syke" is imminent. Still, it seems likely that Tory's latest cover will find a home one way or another.  

Should you be interested in Tory's latest, be sure to check out his new single "Keep In Touch," which features the melodic stylings of Bryson Tiller. Like a book and its cover, one should not judge an album by its lead single. Still, it's interesting to note that Tory opted for a "thug luv" blammer; perhaps he's looking to keep things breezy this time around, as Memories Don't Die featured plenty of "bars" from the Toronto lyricist. I suppose we'll have to wait and see. Either way, the potential album cover is yours to behold.

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