Trap Nation Launches New Mystery Artist with NERO Cover & Debut Single

Breaking into dance music these days has become more difficult than ever. Yes, learning to produce has also become easier than ever, but big artists are completely entrenched in their popularity, and, while kids say they want something new, they constantly rebel against the unfamiliar.

All that being said, there’s no substitution for good music and proper branding, and KLOUD has both. The identity KLOUD remains a mystery, but we do know that it’s an artist personally overseen by the guys at Trap Nation. KLOUD’s first single is a cover Nero’s hit “Promises,” approaching 600,000 plays within the first week. For a debut single for a brand new artist, that’s some incredible hype.

Today, KLOUD released his second single, a new original entitled “Dark Down Below.” Featuring what we can only assume to be KLOUD’s own vocals, we also get a taste for his original songwriting and composition. What we get is a slightly ster electro house vibe with some future bass elements and vocal chops. The production is crisp and impressive, proving that KLOUD can do well with his originals as well as covers (we’ve yet to see a true remix, I suppose).

“Dark Down Below” comes as Part II a five-part series, as revealed in the description the track. The following chapters will be “In For The Kill,” “Satisfied,” and “Burn Me.” And if they continue at this rate, we’ll be getting one new track a week, but we’ll have to see.

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