Travis Scott Is Mind Blown By David Blaine's Card Trick: Watch

Do you remember that time David Blaine shocked Kanye West, Will Smith, Jada Pinket-Smith, Aaron Paul, Bryan Cranston, and Woody Harrelson when he put an ice pick through his hand? How about the time that David Blaine freaked out Drake, Stephen Curry, Jimmy Butler, and Dave Chappelle with a frog trick? It appears Blaine really does enjoy making celebrities freak out, because he brought his mind-blowing magic to the Cactus Jack offices. 

Travis Scott and a few of his Cactus Jack affiliates were mesmerized by Blaine, who performed a card trick that would seem impossible. The crew stands over a table that has a deck of cards sprawled out. The beginning of the trick is not shown, but it appears Blaine spread the cards out on the table, with the majority of them facing down. Only a few cards sat face up on the table. Blaine instructs one of the onlookers to read out the numbers on a driver's license. The onlooker participates, and begins to read out the numbers, which happen to exactly match the few cards that are turned over. Travis Scott and his crew immediately begin to exclaim "No, No Way," as each number is read out to match the overturned cards. "WHAT!?" yells Scott, before deciding to take the cards for himself. 

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