Travis Scott Previews New Music At Rolling Loud

As promised, Travis Scott debuted a new stage setup for his headlining set at Miami's Rolling Loud festival Saturday, but it wasn't the only premiere the night. Travis also played a brand new track that will likely appear on is upcoming album Astroworld. The song features lyrics like "Rolling, rolling, rolling, got me stargazing / Psychedelics got me going crazy," and  "in the nighttime," as well as some piercing auto-tuned falsetto. In other words, it's exactly what you'd expect from a new Travis song.

The Houston rapper has been promising fans that his next studio album Astroworld would be "coming soon" for over a year now, but he decided to up the urgency with his announcement at the fest. "Astroworld coming sooner than my motherfuckin' dick can get hard," he said to cheers from fans. Of course, there's still no release date, but with a statement like that, he's putting his reputation on the line if he doesn't deliver soon.

"It's kinda like a more personal album,"  Travis said  Astroworld in an interview with L.A. Leakers. "I just want people to kind get to know me and like really get to know the rage inside and really what's going on in my mental, like really what I be thinking."

Check out some clips the new material above. Travis recently released "Watch," a new single featuring Lil Uzi Vert and Kanye West. You can watch the vertical video for the track here.

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