Travis Scott Teases New Track "Highest In The Room" At Rolling Loud

Have we reached a point where Travis Scott's outward antics, including his widely-publicized relationship with Kylie Jenner, have come to garner more interest than his actual music? We can only hope that is not the case, as Travis once again looks to be cooking up in the studio. And why wouldn't he seize momentum? The man has proven to be a genuine superstar, with Astroworld topping charts and spawning a multi-million dollar tour. Though he'll likely ride Astroworld until the wheels fall off, it wouldn't be surprising to see him ushering in some new music in the coming months. 

We've already seen the fruits of his recent labour, as Kylie Jenner previously previewed an unreleased Travis track, which finds Travis taking a smooth acoustic guitar and high-pitch "Tiny Tim"-esque sample. Over the weekend, Scott implemented the upcoming song into his Rolling Loud set, which has been tentatively titled "Highest In The Room." The track itself is relatively laid-back, but Travis brings no shortage of live energy to the mix. You can check out footage of the performance YouTube below, as originally posted by HypeBeast

Does Travis have another hit on his hands? Sound off below.

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