Trayvon Martin’s Parents Claim The Weinstein Company Owes Them $150K For Deal

Time is supposed to heal wounds, but not in the case Trayvon Martin’s parents.

The Blast broke the news this morning that Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin, parents the slain teen, claim The Weinstein Company misrepresented in bankruptcy docs what they owe them, and have filed documents for the $150,000 they’re owed. They entered into a deal with TWC on March 8, 2017, for the rights to the book, “Rest in Power: The Enduring Life Trayvon Martin.”

TWC had rights to make a TV show or film the book. Six episodes a docuseries have been produced (with Jay-Z on-board as executive producer) but none the episodes has aired.

Martin’s parents claimed they would receive $150,000 once the show was made – regardless whether or not it aired – and that they’d receive additional monies once the show did air. The thing is, they haven’t received a red cent. Not only that, TWC said in the bankruptcy documents they owe Martin’s parents $0.

They’ve also said TWC listed the deal as three separate deals, and want to make sure it is clear “the Deal Letter is a single contract and must be assumed in its entirety.”

These are the dangers messing with a notorious Hollywood schemer. 

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