Trey Songz Shares Precious Photos Of His Newborn Son On Father’s Day

When Trey Songz posted a photo of a baby's foot a few weeks ago, his fans tried to figure out if he was trying to tell us something. Finally, he revealed that he is now the proud father of a baby boy named Noah. On his first Father's Day as a dad, Trigga Trey posted a couple of moments he's shared with his son, giving the fans a closer look at Noah and showing us just how much he loves his little boy.

"I know a different love now. Happy Father’s Day," said Trey Songz as he carried around his son in his arms. Baby Noah looks preciously into the camera with his dad beaming with joy in the picture. Trey followed up the post by uploading a video of himself speaking to his son, who adorably tries to hold a conversation with him. The artist looks to be enjoying his new role in life as a father, sharing the most beautiful moments with his audience.

So many of our favorite rappers celebrated Father's Day with their children this weekend, posting about how much fatherhood changed their lives. Take a look at some of the most touching posts here and check out Trey Songz and his newborn son below.

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