Trippie Redd & Lil Wop Both Arrested After Brawl: Report

It was supposed to be smooth sailing for Trippie Redd. In case you missed it, the "Dark Knight Dummo" rapper previously vowed to swear f beef, opting to focus on his music career instead. Evidently, that was a lie. According to TMZ, collaborators and friends Redd and Lil Wop have both been arrested after throwing down in a heated altercation. The report signifies that both parties were charged with fighting and criminal trespassing, while Redd was hit with an additional battery charge. 

According to the publication, the fight popped f after Redd allegedly "disrespected" Atlanta rapper FDM Grady's girlfriend. Apparently, Redd, Wop, and 2 others proceeded to jump Grady, leaving him with a split lip and some bloody knuckles. In the video below, Grady reflects on his encounter, showing his gruesome lip wound. "Four n***as, bitch ass n***a Trippie Redd, bitch ass n***a Lil Wop," says Grady. "Ya'll n***as got no pass in the city. Ya'll n***as gon jump me, bro?" For the most part, Grady seems unimpressed, and seems relatively unscathed by the encounter.

Later on, he elaborates on his side the story. "Them n***as came to the crib, Trippie was being disrespectful to my lady, and I wasn't going for that shit. So I stood my ground as a man. Shit, I'm gon' stand behind my lady. We had a few words, bro said what he said, said 'he had a n***a gon' burn me,' shit I pulled my strap right then and there." 

He emphasizes that he initially fucked with Wop, and only "got the strap" for protection. "Shit, Trippie was running f at the mouth." Eventually, Grady put down his gun in the name a fair fight. As Grady headed into the street to throw down, Trippie decided to sic the goons on him. "That's how that shit went sour bro."

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