Tristan Thompson Fined $25k By NBA, Flagrant Foul Reduced

Tristan Thompson took out his general frustration in the best way possible: in the form retaliation. That would make Draymond Green the classroom bully out all destitute options, and ultimately the recipient a basketball to the face in Game One. Thompson's action, although comical if put into context, ran the risk suspension in Game Two. Fortunately the NBA has decided to reduce the Flagrant Foul 2 which saw him ejected from the game in the dying seconds. Furthermore, Tristan Thompson will not miss any action, and will instead pay a fine $25,000 for his fence. Upon review, the league justifiably labelled his actions as "failing to leave the court in a timely manner and shoving a ball into the face his opponent."

Tristan Thompson justified his behavior by stating that he was up against unsportsmanlike conduct. "I contested a shot that shouldn't have been taken," Thompson said after the game. "I mean, it's like the unspoken rule in the NBA: If you're up 10 or 11 with about 20 seconds left, you don't take that shot."

While Thompson was steadfast in his character defence, Cavs' coach Tyronn Lue shared the same sense optimism from the outstart. "Haven't heard anything yet, but I know the league will do the right thing," he said on Friday. The coach was himself culpable criticizing the ficiating in Game One, but will not face any discipline for comments he made concerning a foul called on LeBron James at the 60 second mark the 4th quarter. Game Two takes place this Sunday in Oakland, California.

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