Tristan Thompson Speaks Out In First Interview Since Cheating Scandal

As the Cleveland Cavaliers continue to impress in the playfs, sweeping the #1 seed Toronto Raptors in the second round, one member the team has been under much public scrutiny for his actions f the court. Of course, we're referring to Tristan Thompson, who has been caught up in a nasty cheating scandal since before his girlfriend Khloe Kardashian gave birth to the couple's first child. True Thompson was born in April and, to her credit, she has managed to keep Khloe and Tristan's relationship intact for the time being as the two attempt to work things out for the betterment their family lives. In his first interview since the cheating allegations were released into the world, Thompson spoke on former teammates Richard Jefferson and Channing Frye's podcast about fatherhood and his future.

While some may argue that he sounds somewhat disinterested throughout the talk, he is in the middle a playf run while raising two children under the age two because, let's not forget, he also has a child from a former relationship. All that is likely incredibly tiring. When prompted to speak about his kids, the forward said, "Prince is getting big, jumping on a little trampoline. And baby True is eating, sleeping and, uh, shittin’. That’s all they do. That’s all they do." Tristan noted the differences between raising a boy and a girl, saying that he's more emotional with True, remarking that he will be more empathetic when she cries.

While it is unclear if Khloe and Tristan's relationship will last, the Cav has plans to create more children in the future, noting, "I’m gonna keep going. I’ve got a couple more. I got a couple more left." No word on whether or not the future kids will be Kardashians.

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