TROVE Interview: Inspirations and What's To Come In The Future

Throughout the past couple years, Trove has made quite the name for himself. After releasing a couple singles that have quickly caught on to the masses and being featured on a handful others, TROVE is quickly becoming one our favorite artists for 2018.

TROVE is the electronic pop project from songwriter and producer Drew Southwell. Born in Sydney, Australia and having recently relocated to the U.S.A, Drew’s previous success with other musical projects includes signing a distribution deal with Universal Music, touring Australia and America throughout and showcasing at large festivals such as SXSW, Vans Warped Tour, Sundance Film Festival and Triple J's Groovin The Moo.

To learn more about TROVE and how his newer project, we sat down and asked TROVE a few questions about his project.

What were some your past projects with Universal?

I play guitar and piano in a pop band called Drawing North. Universal Australia put out our debut album in 2016 and it went to number 3 on iTunes and had national radio play in Australia.

How did that lead you into the electronic pop project TROVE?

I sing harmonies in that band, but I had never really had an outlet for my own voice and my own personal lyrics. TROVE was something I had been trying to start for a long time and it wasn't until I started doing regular trips to the US over the past few years that I found my style. I worked and collaborated with some amazing producers and writers throughout LA and Nashville and this led to me finding a brand and a genre that I really wanted to pursue.

What's the significance behind the name TROVE?

I feel like there should be a really deep and thoughtful answer to this question and maybe there is, but honestly I had just been reading a book and I came across the word ‘trove' in reference to a ‘treasure trove'. I thought the word sounded and looked unique and so I took it as a reference to my own personal ‘trove' lyrics, production and style. In some way, my music is my treasure trove, I guess!

Do you have any musical inspirations for this project?

I have many! I am constantly listening to new music on Spotify and Youtube and there are some really great artists that influence me every day. In terms songwriting, I definitely look up to the skills artists like Ryan Tedder, Bruno Mars and Tove Lo. For my production, I think artists like Cashmere Cat, 3LAU and Kygo all have talents that inspire me to create unique work.

What's to come for the future TROVE?

There's a ton releases scheduled already for this year. I have a handful features to come out over the next 6 months as well as my original work. I'm also working on putting together my live show which I'll be performing at SXSW this year. It's going to be a busy year and now that I've ficially moved to LA, I'm excited to get connected into the community and just grow as an artist. I'm also planning on releasing a clothing line in April/May as I'm a graphic designer/illustrator by trade. It's going to be fun!

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