Truth Hz Launches Record Label With Stream from Peach’s Castle in Super Mario 64

Truth Hz recently invited fans for a nostalgic trip down memory lane, taking to Peach's Castle from Super Mario 64 for a night of DJ sets and entertainment. 

The newly minted label launched with a particularly unique streaming event, right on the front lawn of one of the most iconic locations in video game history. WIZE, ROMderful, Jyoty and Digital Mozart performed live to an immediate audience of Mushroom Kingdom mainstays, including Waluigi, Yoshi, Boo, and many more. 

The event commemorated the first tracks to drop on the Truth Hz label. WIZE's two track offering Truth-Hz (01) // Wize features a rich, sample-based environment of gamified future bass-style sounds on "Crowdsourced Theme." In contrast, WIZE and ROMderful bring the heat on a heavy-hitting melodic trap collaboration, "Ghost" featuring snappy, rapid-fire bars. 

Over the last year, Truth Hz has hosted various sets in classic video game settings, including N. Sanity Beach from the Crash Bandicoot series and the landmark Hyrule Castle from The Legend of Zelda.

Source: DJ Mag



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