Twinscale – Pandora (Feat. Bobby Saint)

The brainchild brothers Sean and Steve Jeria, Twinscale is the exciting new rising project combining innovative dance production with hip hop and RnB sensibility for unique and interesting new arrangements that will leave your jaw dropped. Known only for collabs and remixes so far, Twinscale breaks out the mold with their kick f original “Pandora” is a testament to their natural prowess as musicians.

Enlisting the help Bobby Saint for vocal duties, “Pandora” is a dark and atmospheric track featuring rhythmic bass lines and unique percussion to create a gritty vibe that is consistently pumping with each beat. As Saint’s vocals come in both haunting yet powerful, you’re welcomed into a whole new world sound that quickly crashes into a dance banger combining elements hip-hop, RnB and future bass with wobbling synths, howling melodies and the continuing bassline that is prevalent throughout the track. Coming out hard with this new original, “Pandora” is just the start for this rising new duo. Make sure to check out the track below and keep up to date with Twinscale as they continue to take over in 2018.

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