Twitch Prime Members To Receive More Exclusive "Fortnite" Goods

Fortnite players who double as Twitch Prime subscribers have been given access to a miniature selection exclusive and free goodies.

Epic Games and Twitch have now announced that there will be an arsenal complimentary loot that will come with the purchase a Fortnite Twitch Prime Pack 2, that is expected to launch today. 

This new pack comes equipped with three items that were exclusively created for the game's Battle Royal mode, including a camouflage-heavy Trailblazer Outfit, a True North Black Bling, as well as the Tenderizer Pickaxe. Additionally, there is also a new dance emote for those who like to get into the groove as much as they enjoy conquering a battleground. 

Twitch Prime Pack 2 can be shared across multiple platforms as long as each console is linked up to the same Epic account. Although, one cannot share loot across PS4 and X Box One, regardless if the player is using the same account. 

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