Two Firefighters Accused Of Filming Pornographic Videos At Local Firehouse

Officials in Akron, OH., are accusing Arthur Dean and Deann Eller, two firefighters who are also in a committed relationship, filming pornographic content in a local firehouse. They have both been placed on administrative leave in the meantime while the case is being investigated by the city.

"These allegations bring unwelcome dishonor and embarrassment to Akron Fire Department and the City Akron and unfairly discredit the reputation other Akron Fire ficers," admits Mayor Dan Horrigan and Fire Chief Clarence Tucker in a joint statement.

The couple reportedly published the videos online, which was then brought to the attention a supervisor working within the firehouse. As now, Dean and Eller are on a paid leave while the matter is being handled by ficials. 

"We are devastated that these allegations would distract from the meaningful and important work being done to keep our citizens safe and keep our neighborhoods strong," reckon Horrigan and Tucker. 

Dean and Eller did not work within the same station, and the exact firehouse that these videos were filmed in has yet to be determined. The two were hired on the same day nearly 18 years ago, receiving impressive performance reviews for their service to the community. 

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