tyDi & Christoper Tin Unleash 'Collide' Album, A Fusion Of Orchestra & EDM

In his 15 years as one the leading artists in electronic music, Australian songwriter, composer, record producer and DJ tyDi, née Tyson Illingworth, has seen, heard and done it all. Through his extensive discography, which includes five full-length albums, countless singles and remixes, and numerous EPs across diverse genres, he’s topped global charts, he’s toured the world and he’s made his indelible mark on the music world. Now, tyDi reinvents his sound once again Collide, his new studio album fused with orchestral elements by world-renowned Christopher Tin.

On Collide, tyDi bridges the worlds electronic and orchestral music as he presents a completely new sound in uncharted territories. The album threads a gorgeous sonic narrative built on precise composition, progressive musicality, intelligent sound design, layered songwriting and grandiose orchestral scoring. An accomplished musician in his own right, tyDi enlisted 2 X GRAMMY award-winning composer and seasoned vet Christopher Tin to help bring Collide to the masses. Best known for his composing and scoring work across the concert music, film and video game industries, Tin has won multiple awards and accolades: In 2011, his choral piece Baba Yetu from the video game Civilization IV became the first piece video game music to ever win a Grammy Award, while his album Calling All Dawns took home a second Grammy for Best Classical Crossover Album that same year.

“When you watch a film with an intense score, you’re swept away to a different planet. The atmosphere, emotions, melodies, and instruments captivate you. That feeling doesn’t always enter the dance realm. I wanted to capture that magic and bring it to the electronic world,” tyDI says.

Through its 12 original tracks, Collide creates an unprecedented musical journey that transports listeners f the dance floor and into the concert halls. There are 3 tracks that really stand out to me on this album. My favorite track by far is ‘Did You Know', as the fusion trance and orchestra are made for each other. My other two stand out tracks are ‘Fallen Angel' featuring Coco Jones & ‘Upside Down' featuring Akazi.

Check out the full ‘Collide' album below and let us know what you think this groundbreaking sound by tyDi & Christopher Tin.!

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