Tyga Denies Ordering His Crew To Jump Process Server

Back in November 2016, a man named Adam Harari approached Tyga to hand him a lawsuit and claims that while doing so, the "Rack City" rapper got his team to jump him. According to The Blast, Tyga is denying those claims saying that Adam “knew the risks" his actions. 

Adam is alleging that Tyga got his team to brutally attack him by grabbing, yanking and choking him. Adam is going after Tyga for physical and emotional harm claiming that his reputation has also be put on the line. Tyga is asking for the case to be dropped, saying he never ordered an attack on Adam and if he did get hurt, his insurance should cover it. There's been no word on whether the judge will adhere to Tyga's request, or what amount money Adam is requesting. 

In other Tyga news, Kanye West just showed him some love for his music video. King Gold Chains shared a screenshot an email he received from Ye regarding his "Taste" video. "This is the best video all-time. Thank you for this perfection," Ye said. 

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