Tyga Discusses Being Mentored By Lil Wayne & His "Legendary" Album

Within the first 24 hours of Legendary's release, Tyga's record had already become certified gold. The rapper admitted that Legendary's journey began about a year ago when his plan was to drop singles without an album in mind, but once fans caught his party vibe, he decided it was time to work on a full-length. Legendary boasts features by artists like Chris Brown, Gunna, Lil Wayne, and J Balvin. Tyga recently sat down with Ebro Darden for Beats 1 Radio to discuss how the 29-year-old crafted his latest hit, including collaborating with his longtime mentor, Lil Wayne.

"Wayne, he kinda like, he helped me grow into this person and really just inspired me and mentored me through the years," he said. "He signed me when I was 17. I was over there when he was doing Carter III so, that whole process, I had somebody to look [up] to as far as like, this is how I should do it. I should be in the studio every day. This person's doing it. I should be doing shows...you know what I'm saying? I had guidance in a way. Just putting him on the beginning of the album is legendary. After all the drama, all the sh*t that he's been through, label stuff, me, and still come out on top..."

Tyga also hinted that his music vault is full of unreleased collaborations with Chris Brown and described how he decides what artists he wants to work with."Honestly, for me it's like, if somebody is in the studio or if I'm doing a feature for someone I'll be like, I got something I'm gonna send you something," he said. "I never finish songs because I might just do a verse and a hook and just leave it. And then, a month, two months later I'll be like, man this person would be perfect on this. So, I just might leave records open sometimes. I just figure out who's the best person to get on it."

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