Tyga Reportedly Owes Nearly $1M In Taxes From The Years He Dated Kylie Jenner

Over the past few years, Tyga's been making headlines for other things aside from his music. Whether it was his controversial relationship with Kylie Jenner or the multiple lawsuits he faces, the rapper's music ten goes under the radar in comparison to his public life. He's had several lawsuits he's had to settle over the past few years but it now looks like he has some money that Uncle Sam's after.

TheBlast reports that Tyga has some major money to hand over to the U.S. Government for unpaid taxes.. According to documents that were filed against the "Rack City" rapper from The State Of California Franchise Tax Board, Tyga didn't pay any taxes from the years 2011 - 2016. The total the amount taxes he owes is reportedly $890,183.57.

The report points out that those were also the years he was involved with Kylie Jenner. He initially met her in 2011 when he performed at her 16th birthday party and they later became close before making it ficial in 2015. They split in April 2017. 

Tyga's faced many issues with his finances in recent times since breaking up with Kylie including having two cars reportedly repo'd, $186K judgement for reportedly trashing a rental property as well as a $280K debt that he owed to a jeweler. 

More recently, he managed to get his son involved in one his lawsuits. He and King Cairo were sued by Simon Cowell's ex-fiancée for unpaid rent. 

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