Tyler, The Creator Praises Eminem’s "Relapse" On 10 Year Anniversary

When Tyler, The Creator first emerged onto the scene, he was quick to praise Eminem's Relapse as one of his formative influences, especially on albums like Bastard and Goblin. The admiration was mutual, as Em went on to bring a young Tyler and Earl Sweatshirt on tour with him. Reflecting on his experience with Tyler, Em opened up about his feelings toward the Wolf Gang rapper: " "I really did like them. I thought their movement was really cool. We didn't make music, but I felt there was a mutual respect." Unfortunately, the relationship eventually soured after both Tyler and Earl openly ridiculed Em's music on social media. The disrespect struck a chord with Em, who sent them both warning shots on Kamikaze's "Fall." 

Now, at some point during the tenth anniversary of Relapse, Tyler, The Creator took to Instagram to extend an olive branch of sorts. Highlighting the track "Same Song And Dance," Tyler shared a few kind words about Em's underrated foray into horrorcore, writing "10 Years ago today. The details and pronunciation, great." Given that Tyler has professed his love for the project before, it's nice to see him keep the same energy, even after Eminem sent warring words in his direction. One has to wonder if he changed his tune on "Bagpipes From Baghdad," though.

Check out Tyler, The Creator's Relapse IG homage below, and chime in with your interpretation. Given the recent history between both parties, it feels fair to read this one as a peace offering, a moment of public praise where once was open ridicule. One has to wonder how Eminem has been responding to the outpouring of Relapse love; if "Framed" has taught us anything, perhaps he still has a few more murder sprees left in him. Especially with this newfound onslaught of Ted Bundy content. 

Tyler, The Creator Praises Eminem's "Relapse" On 10 Year Anniversary

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