Tyrese's Ex Says "Anger Issues" Should Prevent Him From Moving Daughter To Atlanta

At the top of June, Tyrese Gibson made a request to get full custody of his daughter and was looking to move from Los Angeles to Atlanta and bring young Shayla with him. “In Atlanta … we are free to move around the city without being harassed or photographed,” the Fast & Furious actor stated in documents, adding how it's in “Shayla’s best interest."

According to The Blast,  Tyrese's ex-wife Norma Gibson is now trying to stop Tyrese from taking their daughter to Atlanta citing his “anger issues and mental health.” Norma says Shayla should not have her "life completely disrupted” for Tyrese’s own “selfish reasons.” She foresees Tyrese's busy schedule leaving Shayla to be raised by her nanny or step-mother. 

Tyrese's ex “has serious concerns as to [Tyrese’s] anger issues and mental health, exhibited by many puzzling videos he has posted.” Norma even uses Tyrese's numerous visits to “multiple therapists and psychiatrist" as another reason as to why Shayla should stay in LA with her. 

We'll have to see if Tyrese's "stable and loving environment" living “in a 23,000 square foot home in an affluent and safe neighbourhood in Atlanta" will hold up for the judge.

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