U.K.’s First Queer Music and Camping Festival, Flesh, to Launch In Spring 2022

The U.K.'s first LGBTQ+ music and camping festival is scheduled for liftoff in 2022. 

Taking place at the secluded Springfield Farm outside of London, Flesh Festival is an open and inclusive event which will welcome individuals and allies of the LGBTQ+ community and their friends. 

In alignment with their audience, Flesh's organizers are additionally taking a proactive stand in ensuring performances spotlight artistic talent from historically underrepresented groups. Representatives told Resident Advisor that they were frustrated with seeing the same artists dotting the festival circuit and sought to "make a radical statement" to switch things up.

Consistent with their vision, Flesh's organizers have shared that the entirety of their inaugural lineup comprises artists of underrepresented ethnic and gender groups. They shared that to make the worthwhile goal a reality, over a year of research and decision-making was required. The lineup includes Angel D'Lite, Chippy Nonstop, Hyperaktivist, LSDXOXO, and VTSS, among other artists.

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U.K.'s First Queer Music and Camping Festival, Flesh, to Launch In Spring 2022

Flesh Festival is taking the additional step of curating talent that exclusively represents artists from ethnic and gender groups who have historically been underrepresented.

"One of the driving forces behind Flesh is representation, we want each one of our guests to look at the stage and feel represented, welcomed and inspired," the team said. "That said, we didn't choose our talent to fill quotas or pander to tokenism... Flesh is the result of over a year of digging, hard work, research and curation with an approach to representation in an authentic way."

The debut two-day Flesh Festival takes place starting May 28th. Find out more here.

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