Ultra Beijing Postponed, Entire Line Up Playing Club Sets Instead Of Festival [Details]

Ultra has expanded to a worldwide brand. Multiday festivals and events are taking place all over the world under the Ultra brand. One the newest additions to the Ultra family was Ultra Beijing, but it seems that the festival has run into some issues with local government. I am not going to lie, the language barrier in all these developments has made finding information difficult. It appears for political and/or permit reasons the site the festival which was to take place this weekend was not approved.

Ultra Beijing Club Takeover

Instead letting this 11th-hour development stop the festival from taking place at all, Ultra has come up with an innovative solution. Beijing is home to some the most impressive clubs in the world. So why not utilize them? That is the question Ultra found itself asking upon receiving the crushing news.

Ultra has managed to lock down three the best clubs in Beijing to host every single artist on the line up over the dates the festival. The clubs 1/3, Sir Teen and Circle will host all the artists who were billed over the original dates the festival.

Fans now have a new appreciation for the concept set conflicts. Instead deciding which stage to attend, they will now have to decide which club to attend. While this is obviously a pretty terrible turn events, our hats are f to Ultra for scrambling at the last minute to give attendees an experience close to what they were promised.

Check out the new schedule in the tweet below as well as the ficial statement from Ultra.

Ultra Beijing Postponed, Entire Line Up Playing Club Sets Instead Of Festival Details]

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