Ultra Music Festival Unveils Live Stream Schedule for 2022 Edition

For those of you who are unfortunately unable to attend Ultra Music Festival this year, worry not. The festival has organized yet another phenomenal live stream schedule to fulfill all your festival needs.

Aptly dubbed ULTRALIVE, the live stream hosted by Algorand will feature three channels each with performances from a myriad of different artists. Day one is absolutely stacked, with the likes of FISHER, Ookay, Anfisa Letyago, Martin Garrix, and many more gracing the camera. Armin Van Buuren's A State of Trance takeover will have its own channel on day one as well as Carl Cox's RESISTANCE Megastructure hosting a channel all three days. 

ULTRALIVE will also feature hosts Andrea Helfrich and Will Best, who will be conducting artist and fan interviews throughout the festival. 

Check out all three live streams below.

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Ultra Music Festival Miami 2017 main stage.

Ultra Music Festival Unveils Live Stream Schedule for 2022 Edition

Tune into ULTRALIVE and catch your favorite set without missing a beat.

For those watching from home, be sure to plan accordingly. Broadcasts times for the festival will vary by day. On Friday, ULTRALIVE will air from 3:30pm to Midnight while Saturday's live stream will run from 4pm to Midnight. Sunday will have the shortest run, as it will take place from 3pm to 10pm. 

Those who are interested in watching the rest of the weekend can follow the YouTube links above or watch on Ultra's own website here.


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