Ultra Trolls Fans By Saying That Second Phase Line Up Announcement Is 'Soon'

Ultra ficially sold out today. Even though the festival has not ficially taken the announcement to social media, if you try to buy tickets through the Ultra website then you are going to strike out pretty hard. With the festival ficially selling out, fans are ready and more ravenous than ever for a Phase 2 announcement. Ultra Music Festival took to the ficial group for Ultra 20 and posted but 2 emojis.

Soon–>TM can be interpreted in two ways. First many believe that it is saying that the second phase the line up will be announced tomorrow. But…the other pact the group point to the fact that ‘Soon' with the trademark logo is just common slang for someone who always says an event will happen in the near future, but sure enough it never does. Therefore, the word ‘soon' becomes a trademark theirs. Either way we are in the home stretch and cannot wait for the ficial announcement in the next few days.

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