Underground Vibes | 087

wes mills, Pala Chrome, salute and more are featured in this week's installment of "Underground Vibes."

“You” - Pala Chrome

Pala Chrome’s latest single “You” finds the South African talent blending playful vocals, intimate chords and bright melodies for an intricate and infectious result.

“grand slam” - wes mills

wes mills is back on San Holo’s bitbird imprint, combining fast-paced beats and nostalgic melodies in his latest single, “grand slam.” It's part of his forthcoming debut EP, nintendo 64, and makes for a stunning showcase of his intricate style.

“Wait For It” - salute

salute has landed on Ninja Tune’s Technicolour imprint with his latest single, “Wait For It.” Filled with meticulous vocals and intoxicating drum grooves, the track marks salute's first release of the year.

“Down” - Eggnarok

Korean DJ and producer Eggnarok fuses elements of nu-disco, funk and R&B for the carefree “Down,” a record as perfect for the radio as it is for the dancefloor.

“Sapphire” - Aether

Downtempo meets garage on Aether’s new single “Sapphire,” which is out now via Monstercat and marks the first taste of his forthcoming EP. The Scotland-born artist is visually impaired and uses specialized audible tools that aid him during his production process.

“Blush” - Glimji & Elphi

Glimji is slowly but surely cementing himself as a truly exciting name to watch within electronic music, and his brand new single “Blush” alongside Elphi proves why. Intimate yet euphoric, the track is is filled with upbeat vocals, warm chords and crisp U.K. garage drum patterns.

“Tu Suenos” - Moody

Las Vegas-based producer and violinist MOODY has returned with “Tu Suenos,” a captivating techno record that showcases his forward-thinking production with hypnotic basslines and earworm melodies.

“Red Light” - SUAHN

Blending elements of acid, techno and bass music, SUAHN boasts a style that can’t easily by defined. He's landed on RL Grime’s Sable Valley imprint with his latest single, “Red Light,” a spectacular bass record from start to finish.

“Midnight” - an error occurred

Out via Position Music, an error occurred’s latest EP, phonk_ep.exe, takes on the red-hot genre with “Midnight” as a standout single thanks to its deep basslines and four-on-the-floor energy.

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