Up & Coming Artist Computa Reboots Slander and SAYMYNAME'S – 'I Can't Escape' With Massiv Remix

A few weeks back Slander and SAYMYNAME blew fans away with a massive collaboration that highlighted the best both worlds when it comes to bass music. ‘I Can't Escape' incorporated the melodic alongside heavy bass, and the juxtaposition was a massive success. Today we are able to bring you a truly one a kind remix from, up and coming artist Computa. What's more is that this wild ride is available as a free download.

Computa has kept the original's beautiful vocals by Feli Ferraro as well as the stark contrast among sections. That is about where the similarities end, as when this remix drops it truly goes into a new dimension filth. Computa takes the intensity the original and ups the ante in a big way. I can barely put into words the kind sounds he was able to design and implement into this track. The incorporation cascading 8-bit electronic elements add an unexpected but fully welcome feel. Overall this is a monster effort from Computa and we are beyond excited to hear what is next for this producer. Check it out below and visit his Soundcloud for a free download this madness that is sure to make any crowd go f.

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